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 Online Surveys

             For faster, higher quality responses.

As more and more businesses and households make use of the internet as an information and communication tool, on-line surveys have become an increasingly valuable method to gather opinion information.

Collis & Reed Research has developed a highly elaborate and secure on-line survey service.  In the past, we have primarily been using this data collection technique with our customer satisfaction clients who are surveying their corporate clients.

On-line surveys are very convenient for the respondent to complete.  Response rates to on-line surveys have been impressive.  On-line surveys are very conducive to providing quality and detailed responses.  The use of this technology enables us to carry out surveys faster and more efficiently.

We have recently used our on-line survey service in some of our program evaluation projects and market research studies.  We are constantly developing new and creative ways to make even better use of this technology to meet the needs of our clients.

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