Providing you with

 Market Research

             Information to help your business

Collis & Reed Research can apply a wide range of approaches to help you evaluate market conditions for new products and business ventures.  We custom design our market research plans to fit your needs.

We often use a variety of study methods such as:

  • Consulting recent market trend studies
  • Reviewing industry publications to gain an understanding of advancements in the area of investigation
  • Studying the demographics of potential market sectors
  • Conducting surveys and focus groups to assess consumers' views.

Collis & Reed Research will integrate the information collected, interpret the results and present our market research analysis in a detailed yet easy to understand report.

For further information on how our services can assist you, please contact us.

Does your organization, institution or association;

Feel that barriers are affecting service delivery?
Feel concerned about how effectively you are reaching your target groups?
Require industry-wide agreed upon standards?

Collis & Reed Research can help you with these program evaluation issues.