Providing insight into

 Customer Satisfaction

             Information to help your business

Typically, about 80% of customers state that they are satisfied with a company's products and services. But what does this really mean?  Collis & Reed Research goes beyond the generalized ratings and statistics, and delivers the specifics.

We know how to pinpoint the issues and discover the reasons behind the ratings.

We can investigate;

  • how your products and services compare to your competitors,
  • what products or services your customers particularly like,
  • what products or services could be enhanced,
  • what new products or services your customers would like to see offered,
  • and, how customers view recent changes in your business.

We do more than just identify the positives and the negatives.  We look for reasons why, and explore possible solutions for you to consider.

For further information on how our services can assist you, please contact us.

Are you...

...developing or revising a marketing plan?
...deciding on location issues?
...deciding on new product lines or services?

Collis & Reed Research can help by studying:

The needs of your target customers
Where target customers are located
What target customers think about your products and services